Comanche National Museum and Cultural Center

Lord of the Plains

Experience the “Comanche Way”

Tribal history and culture come to life at the Comanche National Museum and Cultural Center! The vitality of the great Comanche Nation comes alive through our compelling exhibits and interactive displays. Documenting the journey of the Nʉmʉnʉʉ, visitors come away with a sense of true Comanche heritage and pride.

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Our Permanent Exhibits Feature:

History — Learn about the resiliency of the Comanche people from their early lives as "Lords of the Plains" to the transition period of the Reservation Era in the late 1800s.

Military — Recount the heroic accounts of 20th-century warriors, including the 17 Comanche men who served as "Code Talkers" during World War II. Hear firsthand how the Nʉmʉnʉʉ language helped defeat Hitler’s army on D-Day.

Religion — Explore the role that the Native American Church plays in Comanche culture.

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Hunt Buffalo !

Hunt Buffalo
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Experience the sights and sounds of a Comanche buffalo hunt through our award-winning interactive exhibit. Immerse yourself in Comanche language, history and culture as you hunt buffalo.

Tasiwooʔa ʉ Wʉtokwenʉ   ( Buffalo Kill Using a Weapon )
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Comanche Code Talkers
of WWIICourtesy of the
National Archives