Comanche National Museum and Cultural Center

Lord of the Plains


Comanche Beadwork

Drawing from our 3000 objects, CNMCC showcases a wide variety of artifacts representing the rich history and culture of the Comanche people.

CNMCC is home to the Fort Sill Indian School and Charles Chibitty Collections. Other items of interest include the first Comanche Nation flag, a hand-painted replica of a German Balkan Cross flag retrieved by Comanche Code Talker, Larry Saupitty, during World War II and a unique, seven-foot wooden horse sculpture by Quanah Parker Burgess.

Did you know…

CNMCC prides itself in having the most comprehensive collection of Comanche artwork in the world! Our 400-piece collection includes drawings, paintings, sculptures, textiles and a 16-foot fully painted teepee. See works by established Comanche artists Doc Tate Nevaquaya, Woogie Watchetaker, Larry and Rance Hood, Cynthia Clay, Barthell Little Chief, Tim Saupitty, Tim Tate Nevaquaya and Quanah Parker Burgess, just to name a few.

The artwork is routinely rotated throughout our gallery, so there's always something new to see!


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" Mother Night "   by Cynthia Clay.
Painted bronze sculpture.

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CIVA (Comanche Indian Veterans Association) princess crown.
Made from seed beads, leather and fabric.

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" Tasiwah "   by Gordon Tonips.
Sculpture made from Utah rainbow stone depicting a buffalo.

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Leather saddle with wooden frame.

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Commissioned by the Comanche National Museum
and painted by Tim Saupitty.

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Man playing flute by Woogie WatchetakerCNMCC Collection